Monday, August 30, 2010

We Five singers


Did you have a singer Kathy, who left your band prior to the single "You are on my mind"? A friend who has passed away had told many of us his wife was with the band as a singer in the early 60's.

Steve in Western Wisconsin


Not that I recall. Michael Stewart and I began singing together in 1959, and until we recorded the “Catch The Wind” album in 1969, the only female singers I ever worked with were Sue Davies, Eileen Duffy, Bev Bivens and Debbie Burgan. Only Bev and Debbie ever appeared on “We Five” recordings.

I’ve received numerous emails over the years from people asking a similar question to yours and I suspect that most, if not all, of them could be traced back to a period from late 1963 to the end of 1964 when Mike found Beverly. He was always ready to switch into the ‘audition mode’ if he met a singer or musician who might fit into the core group. Those investigations would last anywhere from a few minutes at a party to a couple weeks of rehearsals. A few even included recording at a friend’s home studio in Pomona. While none ever materialized into anything, they were probably memorable to the participants when We Five eventually became popular.

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