Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Covina Nightclub

Oh you bring back so very wonderful memories. You used to play at a little bar in the mid '60's either in West Covina or Covina. Little fuzzy right now since we certainly had some good times. But I do remember, I tried to make it there every weekend you guys were playing and we'd dance all night to your wonderful music.

You Were On My Mind was my absolute favorite but I seem to remember a song called 'Time' that I simply adored. Cannot find it anywhere as I more than likely don't have the title right.

In any event, please keep me posted where you were be performing either in the Phoenix area or the Southern California area. I will definitely try to make it a point to attend as many times as possible.

You are the tops in my book and to hear you sound as strong and super as before is so very, as they say it now, 'kewl'. Trying to keep up with this stuff but it's getting tough.

Ricki, Phoenix (formerly from Monrovia).

That was a fun place to play while we were breaking in a drummer so We Five could tour again. It was called the Hob Nob and the sign we use as a graphic on our website and logo was painted for us while working there. Unfortunately, the place suffered in 70s and became a strip club before the demolition ball took it down.

The song you are thinking of may be “One Last Time.” It was on our “Catch The Wind” album that was recorded back then. You can get that album on CD from our Website. We also did a song called “All The Time” that was on “the Return of We Five,” but that one is out of print.


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