Saturday, January 3, 2009

New CD: There Stands The Door- The Best Of We Five

Some exciting things are on the horizon for 2009. Perhaps topping the list is the first new album of material from the original 1965-1967 group since Make Someone Happy was released four decades ago!

A British company, Ace Records is preparing to issue a CD called There Stands the Door – the Best of We Five on the Big Beat label. It was produced by Alec Palao and utilizes recordings that were in the vaults at Universal (they bought A&M), as well as material still owned by Frank Werber (former We Five and Kingston Trio manager) that was made available when Frank passed away. In addition to the title song, You Were On My Mind, Let’s Get Together, and some of other things you would expect to find, it will include several songs that were never released, and some songs the group recorded with alternate versions, or with mixes what were not previously released. The 22 tracks will also include about ten minutes of soft drink spots we recorded, and two songs from the Return Of We Five album that was also originally released on A&M.

For those who have wondered over the years if the original group did any other recordings, here is your chance to find out. It is scheduled for release in late February and we'll get it on the website as soon as delivery can be arranged.

Happy New Year!!