Friday, February 11, 2011

Was Lance Masters ever in your group We Five

The name sounds vaguely familiar but I cannot say why.
We have only had a few drummers over the years that actually played live with We Five. None of them were short term and I know all their names except …
There was a fellow who auditioned with us after our 3rd album but I don't recall his name. I do recall that his tenure was brief because he got hospitalized with meningitis and had to drop out for extended rehab right after spending a day with us at A&M and shooting some pix. We were quarantined but came up clean and I never heard from him again.

Still ringing...

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I must say that your music is still the best ever, even without Beverly.

I remember where I was when I first heard " You were on my Mind".

I was in 6th grade at Lucy elementary school in Millington, Tn.

That song still rings in my mind and have enjoyed all the videos of your group
with the lovely Beverly out front.

Thanks for your wonderful music.

Mike Sparks
I'm glad that we have made some music that brought joy into your life -- and that it's still working!

Dutchman discussion

Jim Moran, has a blog where he features and disseminates videos of various songs - mostly Kingston Trio-related.

He often throws his postings up against the Kingston Crossroads message board for discussion, and this past week, he'd featured "The Dutchman."

A friend chimed in with We Five's version on YouTube.

There are now several versions of the tune posted at his blog if you are interested check it out.