Monday, April 11, 2011

Phil in Idaho

Do you by any chance remember doing a concert in a stadium in Caldwell, Idaho in the mid-sixties. If you do , I was there. Infact I worked with a fellow named Denny Smith who was the Mayors son and I helped him put the concert together. I also remember a party at his house after the show. You were great and I still love your music. Phil

I remember it well!
We were on a bill with the Four Freshmen, and a (short) train went behind the stage while we were playing. The Four Freshmen saw what happened and were prepared with some one liners -- but they got a slow freight that took several minutes to pass!

I don't recall the party, but I do recall an airline strike beginning at midnite stranding us in Boise until our agent sent a Lear jet to pick us up. It was an awesome experience.

Thanks for writing.
Be well.

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